Why You Should Get a Home Inspection

A home may be the largest investment you make – where you can build a strong foundation for your life. Or, it could be a money pit that costs you thousands in repairs, plus years of stress.

A licensed home inspector can give you the information to determine whether the house you're looking at is a good investment or a bad one. A basic home inspection can save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase.

With so much at stake shouldn't you choose the professionals who know construction, contracting, and repair from all sides of the industry? Call us today . . . we are here to help.

General Home Inspection Price List Per Square Foot

  • 0-1,200 sq.ft. - $325
  • 1200-2500 sq.ft. - $375
  • 2500-3500 sq.ft. - $425
  • 3500-4500 sq.ft. - $450
  • 4500-5500 sq.ft. - $475
  • Over 5500 sq.ft. - Custom